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--- a/index.html	Thu Apr 03 12:47:20 2014 -0700
+++ b/index.html	Thu Apr 03 12:53:17 2014 -0700
@@ -1046,24 +1046,10 @@
                     created <a title="concept-document" data-spec="DOM4" class="externalDFN">document</a>
                     and terminate these steps.
+                    <!-- This seemed like a good idea, but isn't web compatible, unfortunately.
                     <li>Otherwise, throw a 
                     <code><a data-spec="DOM4" title="domexception" class="externalDFN">DOMException</a></code> 
-                    with name <code>SyntaxError</code>.
-                    <p class=note>Some UAs do not throw an exception, but rather return a minimal 
-                    well-formed XML document that describes the error. In these cases, the error 
-                    document's root element will be named <code>parsererror</code> and its namespace
-                    will be set to "<code></code>".
-                    <!--
-                    It does not make sense to pave the cow paths by standardizing the 
-                    mozilla error handling approach, when there is clear objection to that approach
-                    from web developers who expect success to load the document they want, rather
-                    than an error document. Browsers are reluctant to change behavior due to web
-                    compatibility, but IE has thrown in these cases for multiple releases now without
-                    any significant compatibility impact, and thus it seems feasable to spec the 
-                    simpler and developer-expected behavior here.
-                    appropriate behavior here.
+                    with name <code>SyntaxError</code>. -->
                     <li>Let <var>document</var> be a newly-created
                     <code><a data-spec="DOM4" title="xmldocument" class="externalDFN">XMLDocument</a></code>.
@@ -1076,7 +1062,7 @@
                     <a title="concept-element-namespace" data-spec="DOM4" class="externalDFN">namespace</a>
                     set to
-                    <!-- see --><!--
+                    <!-- see -->
                     <p>At this point user agents may
                     <a data-spec="DOM4" title="concept-node-append" class="externalDFN">append</a> nodes
                     to <var>root</var>, for example to describe the nature of the
@@ -1086,7 +1072,6 @@
                     <var>root</var> to <var>document</var>.
                     <li>Return <var>document</var>.
-                    -->