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+This suite tests conformance to the editing spec written long ago by Aryeh
+Gregor.  Nobody actually implements the spec, but the tests are still useful
+for regression testing.  The tests are generated by an elaborate procedure that
+no longer works, which is outlined below.  At the time of writing (August
+2015), no one is meaningfully updating the specification, so there is no
+impetus to get the test generation working again, and the contents of the tests
+should be regarded as frozen.  Manually updating data.js is not recommended,
+because it's not exactly in a maintainable format.
 To generate data.js (this will only work if you're me unless you hack the
 source code):
@@ -8,5 +18,3 @@
 any discrepancies, update conformancetest/diff *and* (if appropriate)
 conformancetest/patch.  Do not forget to update conformancetest/patch, or else
 stuff will get messed up.
-XXX This is no longer true now that data.js is split up.