The Network Information API provides an interface for web applications to access the underlying connection information of the device.

Work on this document has been discontinued and it should not be referenced or used as a basis for implementation.

The Network Information API was defined to enable API access to network information. While working on this specification the Device APIs Working Group encountered issues related to estimating network bandwidth and with providing useful information, deciding to discontinue work until better understanding of the use cases, requirements and approach are available. The functionality described in this specification was initially specified as part of Device APIs Working Group System Information API specification but was extracted to create a simpler specification.

The W3C Note on Network Information Use cases and requirements published by the W3C Web and Mobile Interest Group is relevant to the Network Information API specification.

The Charter of the Device APIs Working Group continues to include this work as "in scope", so the working group could decide to resume work if warranted by new information.

The previous published version containing the most recent content is available at the “Previous Version” link noted above.