The Pick Contacts Intent defines a Web Intent that enables access to a user's address book service from inside a Web application. It defines both an Intent action/type pair that selects this operation, and the format of the contacts data that is returned by services implementing this specification.

Work on this document has been discontinued and it should not be referenced or used as a basis for implementation.

The Pick Contacts Intent defines how Web Intents may be used enable access to a user's address book. Work on this specification has been discontinued since the Web Intents specification has been published as a W3C Working Group Note indicating no further development on the Recommendation track at this time. Implementation support has also been removed from existing systems (e.g. WebKit) precluding interoperability testing. Issues related to Web Intents were outlined in a mail message on the DAP mailing list .

The Charter of the Device APIs Working Group continues to include this work as "in scope", so the working group could decide to resume work if warranted by new information.