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             <li>For each <var>active service</var> in <var>service manager</var> run the following steps:
               <ol class="rule">
                 <li>If the <var>network service record</var>'s <code>id</code> property equals the <var>active
-                service</var>'s <code>id</code> attribute then set <var>active service</var>'s <a href=
+                service</var>'s <code>id</code> attribute and <var>active service</var>'s <code>online</code> attribute
+                is currently set to <code>false</code> then set <var>active service</var>'s <a href=
                 "#dom-networkservice-online"><code>online</code></a> attribute to <code>true</code> and then <a href=
                       class="externalDFN">queue a task</a> to dispatch a newly created event with the name <a href=