Webid gives you reasons to believe that your communication partner is the subject in your universe of discourse they claim to be.



End to end security

The "layer cake" of the web models security as something transcending all layers from the serialzed data to trust, unlike IPSec WebId isn't a security infrastructure at the lower levels of the stack, it doesn't hide away security from the user and even the application. This means that it allows the user to make informed decisions on whom to trust and whom to share secrets with.


Sharing believes with RDF and linked data




A URI identifying a participant in a universe of discourse.
WebID Profile
A document associating a WebId URI to a public key.
public key
A widely distributed cryptographic key that can be used to verify digital signatures and encrypt data between a sender and a receiver. A public key is always included in an Identification Certificate.


The following people have been instrumental in providing thoughts, feedback, reviews, criticism and input in the creation of the WebId architecture: