IndexedDB Disposition of Comments

During its Last Call phases, the following changes were made to the IndexedDB specification based on public review and implementor feedback.

Resolutions and Responses

WebApps WG Resolutions

The Resolution column specifies the resolution to the issue, as determined by the working group and implemented by the editors.

Commenter Responses

The Staisfaction column specifies the response, if any, of the person(s) reporting the issue to the working group decision, and may contain values that indicate:

Satisfied No response Not satisfied

Disposition of Comments:

Bug ID or Issue Number Title of Issue or Bug Date commented or date bug opened Commenter or person opening bug Status Resolution Satisfaction
Bug 16441 Spec should note that onsuccess shouldn’t be used for writes. 2012-03-19 Yonathan Randolph RESOLVED FIXED. Note added. Yes
Bug 16467 [IndexedDB] [editorial] remove spurious IDBVersionChangeRequest-sentence 2012-03-21 Odin Hørthe Omdal RESOLVED FIXED. Suggested changes incorporate. Yes
Bug 16513 Use WebIDL enum for IDBDatabase.transaction's mode argument 2012-03-25 Ms2ger RESOLVED FIXED. Spec updated. Yes
Bug 16596 Clarify how upgradeneeded works in the .open function 2012-04-01 Jonas Sicking RESOLVED WONTFIX No action. Yes
Bug 16653 IndexedDB: Define overloads for IDBDatabase.transaction() 2012-04-06 Joshua Bell RESOLVED FIXED. IDL updated. Yes
Bug 17032 IndexedDB: Editorial - use of phrase "explicit key" is confusing 2012-05-10 Joshua Bell RESOLVED FIXED. Text updated. Yes
Bug 17198 Remove mention of IDBVersionChangeRequest 2012-05-25 Jonas Sicking RESOLVED FIXED. Text removed. Yes
Bug 17236 Ambiguity in IDBTransaction.error around 'done' state 2012-05-29 Alec Flett RESOLVED FIXED. Spec edited to remove ambiguity. Yes
Bug 17253 [IndexedDB] IDL typo 2012-05-30 Odin Hørthe Omdal RESOLVED FIXED. Typo fixed. Yes
Bug 17276 Step 8 in versionchange transaction algorithm is wrong. 2012-05-31 Jonas Sicking RESOLVED FIXED. Step 8 in algorithm edited. Yes
Bug 17303 Fix editorial issues from Tobie 2012-06-04 Jonas Sicking, for Tobie Langel RESOLVED FIXED. Tobie's issues addressed. Yes
Bug 17538 [IndexedDB] Remove error clauses for invalid index keys 2012-06-18 Joshua Bell RESOLVED FIXED. Error clauses removed. Yes
Bug 17609 [IndexedDB] Events fired after transaction abort should not set active flag 2012-06-26* Joshua Bell RESOLVED FIXED. Event algorithm altered. Yes
Bug 17643 What should transaction.error be set to if a error handler throws an exception 2012-06-28* Jonas Sicking RESOLVED FIXED. Set transaction.error to a "AbortError". Yes
Bug 17645 Define more precisely what the "origin" of the IDBEnvironment is 2012-06-29* Jonas Sicking RESOLVED FIXED. Better definition for "origin" added. Yes
Bug 17649 Address WebIDL comments from Kyle Huey 2012-06-29 Jonas Sicking, for Kyle Huey RESOLVED FIXED. Many issues addressed. Yes
Bug 17650 Make createIndex throw InvalidAccessError instead of NotSupportedError 2012-06-29* Jonas Sicking RESOLVED FIXED. Updated createIndex to throw InvalidAccessError. Yes
Bug 17657 Empty arrays shouldn't be valid KeyPaths 2012-06-30* Jonas Sicking RESOLVED FIXED. Empty arrays throw SyntaxError. Yes
Bug 17681 [IndexedDB] Operations that raise multiple exceptions types should define order 2012-07-03* Joshua Bell RESOLVED LATER Postponed until after Version 1. N/A
Bug 17702 [IndexedDB editorial] IDBIndex.getKey should tell what it's doing 2012-07-05* Odin Hørthe Omdal RESOLVED FIXED. Updated getKey for clarity. Yes
Bug 21555 Use of IDL arrays for keyPath values is underdefined 2013-04-02 Boris Zbarsky RESOLVED FIXED Changed IDL type of the attributes to any. Prose changed per bug. Yes
Bug 21801 [IndexedDB] Cursor operations when source deleted are not defined 2013-04-23 Joshua Bell RESOLVED FIXED IDBIndex continue, advance, update and delete also throw InvalidStateError. Yes

*Bugs and comments filed after 21 June 2012 occur after the Last Call deadline.

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