IndexedDB Disposition of Comments

This document tracks the comments for the Indexed Database 16 May 2013 Last Call Working Draft specification. The comment period was Public and ended on 7 June 2013.

Resolutions and Responses

WebApps WG Resolutions

The Resolution column specifies the resolution to the issue, as determined by the working group and implemented by the editors.

Commenter Responses

The Satisfaction column specifies the response, if any, of the person(s) reporting the issue to the working group decision, and may contain values that indicate:

Satisfied No response Not satisfied

Disposition of Comments:

Bug ID or Issue Number Title of Issue or Bug Date commented or date bug opened Commenter or person opening bug Status Resolution Satisfaction
Bug 22130 Modification for IDBObjectStore's clear and delete method 2013-05-21 Kyaw Tun Resolved Bug closed with RESOLVED/LATER OK
Ben-1 request feedback on IDBKeyRange.inList([]) enhancement 2013-05-17 Ben Kelly Resolved Added to feature request wiki OK
Kyaw-1 IDBRequest.onerror for DataCloneError and DataError 2013-05-20 Kyaw Tun Resolved Added to feature request wiki OK
Kyaw-2 Inform script of corruption recovery 2013-05-20 (original e-mail from David Grogan on 11-Feb-2013) Kyaw Tun Resolved Added to feature request wiki OK
Piranna-1 Files on IndexedDB 2013-05-30 Resolved Added to feature request wiki and non-normative addition to the spec (see changeset). OK

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