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+<title>2 Members, Advisory Committee, Team, Advisory Board, Technical
+Architecture Group</title>
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+<h1>W3C Process Document</h1>
+<h2>2 <a name="Organization" id="Organization">Members, Advisory Committee,
+Team, Advisory Board, Technical Architecture Group</a></h2>
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+<li class="tocline3"><a href="#Members" class="tocxref">2.1 Members</a>
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+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#MemberBenefits" class="tocxref">2.1.1 Rights of
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#MemberRelated" class="tocxref">2.1.2 Related
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#AC" class="tocxref">2.1.3 Advisory Committee
+<li class="tocline3"><a href="#Team" class="tocxref">2.2 The W3C Team</a>
+<ul class="toc">
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#TeamSubmission" class="tocxref">2.2.1 Team
+<li class="tocline3"><a href="#AB" class="tocxref">2.3 Advisory Board (AB)</a>
+<ul class="toc">
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#ABParticipation" class="tocxref">2.3.1 Advisory
+Board Participation</a></li>
+<li class="tocline3"><a href="#TAG" class="tocxref">2.4 Technical Architecture
+Group (TAG)</a>
+<ul class="toc">
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#tag-participation" class="tocxref">2.4.1
+Technical Architecture Group Participation</a></li>
+<li class="tocline3"><a href="#AB-TAG-participation" class="tocxref">2.5
+Advisory Board and Technical Architecture Group Participation</a>
+<ul class="toc">
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#AB-TAG-constraints" class="tocxref">2.5.1
+Advisory Board and Technical Architecture Group Participation
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#AB-TAG-elections" class="tocxref">2.5.2 Advisory
+Board and Technical Architecture Group Elections</a></li>
+<li class="tocline4"><a href="#AB-TAG-vacated" class="tocxref">2.5.3 Advisory
+Board and Technical Architecture Group Vacated Seats</a></li>
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+<p>W3C's mission is to lead the Web to its full potential. W3C <a href=
+"#Members">Member</a> organizations provide resources to this end, and the W3C
+<a href="#Team">Team</a> provides the technical leadership and organization to
+coordinate the effort.</p>
+<h3>2.1 <a name="Members" id="Members">Members</a></h3>
+<p>W3C Members are primarily represented in W3C processes as follows:</p>
+<li>The <a href="#AC">Advisory Committee</a> is composed of one representative
+from each Member organization (refer to the <a href=
+"comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a> list of <a href=
+"">current Advisory Committee
+representatives</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-current-ac">MEM1</a>]). The
+Advisory Committee:
+<li>reviews plans for W3C at each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee
+<li>reviews formal proposals from the W3C Director: <a href=
+"activities.html#ActivityProposal">Activity Proposals</a>, <a href=
+"tr.html#RecsPR">Proposed Recommendations</a>, and <a href=
+"processdoc.html#GAProcess">Proposed Process Documents</a>.</li>
+<li>elects the <a href="#AB">Advisory Board</a> participants other than the
+Advisory Board Chair.</li>
+<li>elects 5 of the 9 participants on the <a href="#TAG">Technical Architecture
+Advisory Committee representatives have <a href=
+"acreview.html#ACAppeal">appeal</a> powers for some processes described in this
+<li>Representatives of Member organizations participate in <a href=
+"groups.html#GAGeneral">Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Coordination
+Groups</a> and author and review <a href="#Recs">technical reports</a>.</li>
+<p><a name="MemberSubscription" id="MemberSubscription">W3C membership</a> is
+open to all entities, as described in "<a href=
+"">How to Join W3C</a>" [<a href=
+"refs.html#ref-join-w3c">PUB5</a>]; (refer to the public list of <a href=
+"">current W3C Members</a> [<a href=
+"refs.html#ref-current-mem">PUB8</a>]). Organizations subscribe according to
+the <a href=
+Agreement</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-member-agreement">PUB6</a>]. The <a href=
+"#Team">Team</a> <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> ensure that Member
+participation agreements remain <a href="comm.html#Team-only">Team-only</a> and
+that no Member receives preferential treatment within W3C.</p>
+<p><a name="IndividualParticipation" id="IndividualParticipation">W3C does not
+have a class of membership tailored to, or priced for individuals</a>. However,
+an individual <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> join W3C as an Affiliate Member.
+In this case the same restrictions pertaining to <a href=
+"#MemberRelated">related Members</a> apply when the individual also <a href=
+"policies.html#member-rep">represents</a> another W3C Member.</p>
+<h4>2.1.1 <a name="MemberBenefits" id="MemberBenefits">Rights of
+<p>Each Member organization enjoys the following rights and benefits:</p>
+<li>A seat on the <a href="#AC">Advisory Committee</a>;</li>
+<li>Access to <a href="comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a> information;</li>
+<li>The <a href="submission.html#Submission">Member Submission</a>
+<li>Use of the W3C Member logo on promotional material and to publicize the
+Member's participation in W3C. For more information, please refer to the Member
+logo usage policy described in the <a href="">New
+Member Orientation</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-new-member">MEM4</a>].</li>
+<p>Furthermore, representatives of Member organizations participate in W3C as
+<li>In <a href="groups.html#GAGeneral">Working Groups, Interest Groups, and
+Coordination Groups</a>.</li>
+<li>In <a href="events.html#GAEvents">Workshops and Symposia</a>;</li>
+<li>On the Team, as <a href="#fellows">W3C Fellows</a>.</li>
+<p>In the case (described in paragraph 5g of the <a href=
+Agreement</a>), where a Member organization is itself a consortium, user
+society, or otherwise has members or sponsors, the organization's paid staff
+and Advisory Committee representative exercise all the rights and privileges of
+W3C membership. In addition, the Advisory Committee representative <span class=
+"rfc2119">MAY</span> designate up to four (or more at the Team's discretion)
+individuals who, though not employed by the organization, <span class=
+"rfc2119">MAY</span> exercise the rights of <a href=
+"policies.html#member-rep">Member representatives</a>. These individuals
+<span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> disclose their employment affiliation when
+participating in W3C work. Provisions for <a href="#MemberRelated">related
+Members</a> apply. Furthermore, these individuals are expected to represent the
+broad interests of the W3C Member organization and not the parochial interests
+of their employers.</p>
+<p>The rights and benefits of W3C membership are contingent upon conformance to
+the processes described in this document. The vast majority of W3C Members
+faithfully follow the spirit as well as the letter of these processes. When
+serious and/or repeated violations do occur, and repeated attempts to address
+these violations have not resolved the situation, the Director <span class=
+"rfc2119">MAY</span> take disciplinary action. Arbitration in the case of
+further disagreement is governed by paragraph 19 of the Membership Agreement.
+Refer to the <a href="">Guidelines for
+Disciplinary Action</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-discipline-gl">MEM14</a>].</p>
+<h4>2.1.2 <a name="MemberRelated" id="MemberRelated">Related Members</a></h4>
+<p>In the interest of ensuring the integrity of the consensus process, Member
+involvement in some of the processes in this document is affected by related
+Member status. As used herein, two Members are related if:</p>
+<li>Either Member is a subsidiary of the other, or</li>
+<li>Both Members are subsidiaries of a common entity, or</li>
+<li>The Members have an employment contract or consulting contract that affects
+W3C participation.</li>
+<p>A <em>subsidiary</em> is an organization of which effective control and/or
+majority ownership rests with another, single organization.</p>
+<p>Related Members <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> disclose these
+relationships according to the mechanisms described in the <a href=
+"">New Member Orientation</a> [<a href=
+<h4>2.1.3 <a name="AC" id="AC">Advisory Committee (AC)</a></h4>
+<p>When an organization joins W3C (see "<a href=
+"">How to Join W3C</a>" [<a href=
+"refs.html#ref-join-w3c">PUB5</a>]), it <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> name
+its Advisory Committee representative as part of the Membership Agreement. The
+<a href="">New Member Orientation</a> explains
+how to subscribe or unsubscribe to Advisory Committee mailing lists, provides
+information about Advisory Committee meetings, explains how to name a new
+Advisory Committee representative, and more. Advisory Committee representatives
+<span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> follow the <a href=
+"policies.html#coi">conflict of interest policy</a> by disclosing information
+according to the mechanisms described in the New Member Orientation. See also
+the additional roles of Advisory Committee representatives described in the
+<a href="">W3C Patent Policy</a>
+[<a href="refs.html#ref-patentpolicy">PUB33</a>].</p>
+<p>Additional information for Members is available at the <a href=
+"">Member Web site</a> [<a href=
+<h5> <a name="ACCommunication" id="ACCommunication">Advisory Committee
+Mailing Lists</a></h5>
+<p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> provide two mailing lists for use
+by the Advisory Committee:</p>
+<li>One for official announcements (e.g., those required by this document) from
+the Team to the Advisory Committee. This list is read-only for Advisory
+Committee representatives.</li>
+<li>One for discussion among Advisory Committee representatives. Though this
+list is primarily for Advisory Committee representatives, the Team <span class=
+"rfc2119">MUST</span> monitor discussion and <span class=
+"rfc2119">SHOULD</span> participate in discussion when appropriate. Ongoing
+detailed discussions <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> be moved to other
+appropriate lists (new or existing, such as a mailing list created for a
+<a href="events.html#GAEvents">Workshop</a>).</li>
+<p>An Advisory Committee representative <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span>
+request that additional individuals from their organization be subscribed to
+these lists. Failure to contain distribution internally <span class=
+"rfc2119">MAY</span> result in suspension of additional email addresses, at the
+discretion of the Team.</p>
+<h5> <a name="ACMeetings" id="ACMeetings">Advisory Committee
+<p>The Team organizes a <a href="policies.html#ftf-meeting">face-to-face
+meeting</a> for the Advisory Committee <span class="time-interval">twice a
+year</span>. The Team appoints the Chair of these meetings (generally the
+<a href="#def-W3CChair">W3C Chair</a> or <a href="#def-COO">Chief Operating
+Officer</a>). At each Advisory Committee meeting, the Team <span class=
+"rfc2119">SHOULD</span> provide an update to the Advisory Committee about:</p>
+<li>The number of Full and Affiliate W3C Members.</li>
+<li>An overview of the financial status of W3C.</li>
+<li>The allocation of the annual budget, including size of the Team and their
+approximate deployment.</li>
+<li>A list of all Activities and brief status statement about each, in
+particular those started or terminated since the previous Advisory Committee
+<li>The allocation of resources to pursuing <a href=
+"liaisons.html#Liaisons">liaisons</a> with other organizations.</li>
+<p>Each Member organization <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> send one
+<a href="policies.html#member-rep">representative</a> to each Advisory
+Committee meeting. In exceptional circumstances (e.g., during a period of
+transition between representatives from an organization), the meeting Chair
+<span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> allow a Member organization to send two
+representatives to a meeting.</p>
+<p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> announce the date and location of
+each Advisory Committee meeting no later than at the end of the previous
+meeting; <span class="time-interval">one year's</span> notice is preferred. The
+Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> announce the region of each Advisory
+Committee meeting at least <span class="time-interval">one year</span> in
+<p>More information about <a href="">Advisory
+Committee meetings</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-ac-meetings">MEM5</a>] is
+available at the Member Web site.</p>
+<h3>2.2 <a name="Team" id="Team">The W3C Team</a></h3>
+<p>The Team consists of the W3C paid staff, unpaid interns, and W3C Fellows.
+<a name="fellows" id="fellows">W3C Fellows</a> are Member employees working as
+part of the Team; see the <a href=
+"">W3C Fellows Program</a>
+[<a href="refs.html#ref-fellows">PUB32</a>]. The Team provides technical
+leadership about Web technologies, organizes and manages W3C Activities to
+reach goals within practical constraints (such as resources available), and
+communicates with the Members and the public about the Web and W3C
+<p>The Team is led by the Director, W3C Chair, and Chief Operating Officer.
+These individuals <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> delegate responsibility
+(generally to other individuals in the Team) for any of their roles described
+in this document.</p>
+<p>The <a name="def-Director" id="def-Director">Director</a> is the lead
+technical architect at W3C and as such, is responsible for assessing <a name=
+"DirectorDecision" href="policies.html#def-Consensus" id=
+"DirectorDecision">consensus</a> within W3C for architectural choices,
+publication of <a href="tr.html#Reports">technical reports</a>, and new
+<a href="activities.html#Activities">Activities</a>. The Director appoints
+group <a href="groups.html#GeneralChairs">Chairs</a> and has the role of
+"tie-breaker" for questions of <a href="groups.html#good-standing">Good
+Standing</a> in a Working Group or <a href="policies.html#WGAppeals">appeal of
+a Working Group decision</a>. The Director is generally Chair of the <a href=
+<p>The <a name="def-W3CChair" id="def-W3CChair">W3C Chair</a> leads Member
+relations, and <a href="liaisons.html#Liaisons">liaisons</a> with other
+organizations, governments, and the public.</p>
+<p>The <a name="def-COO" id="def-COO">Chief Operating Officer</a>
+(<acronym>COO</acronym>) leads the operation of W3C as an organization: a
+collection of people, <a href="#hosts">Host institutions</a>, and
+<p>Team administrative information such as Team salaries, detailed budgeting,
+and other business decisions are <a href="comm.html#Team-only">Team-only</a>,
+subject to oversight by the Host institutions.</p>
+<p><strong>Note:</strong> W3C is not currently incorporated. For legal
+contracts, W3C is represented by three <a name="hosts" id="hosts">"Host"
+institutions</a>: the European Research Consortium for Informatics and
+Mathematics (<acronym>ERCIM</acronym>), Keio University, and the Massachusetts
+Institute of Technology (<acronym>MIT</acronym>). Within W3C, the Host
+institutions are governed by joint sponsorship contracts; the Hosts themselves
+are not W3C Members.</p>
+<h4>2.2.1 <a name="TeamSubmission" id="TeamSubmission">Team
+<p>Team members <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> request that the Director
+publish information at the W3C Web site. At the Director's discretion, these
+documents are published as "Team Submissions". These documents are analogous to
+<a href="submission.html#Submission">Member Submissions</a> (e.g., in <a href=
+"submission.html#SubmissionScope">expected scope</a>). However, there is no
+additional Team comment. The <a href="tr.html#DocumentStatus">document status
+section</a> of a Team Submission indicates the level of Team consensus about
+the published material.</p>
+<p>Team Submissions are <strong>not</strong> part of the <a href=
+"tr.html#Reports">technical report development process</a>.</p>
+<p>The list of <a href="">published Team
+Submissions</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-team-submission-list">PUB16</a>] is
+available at the W3C Web site.</p>
+<h3>2.3 <a name="AB" id="AB">Advisory Board (AB)</a></h3>
+<p>Created in March 1998, the Advisory Board provides ongoing guidance to the
+Team on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict
+resolution. The Advisory Board also serves the Members by tracking issues
+raised between Advisory Committee meetings, soliciting Member comments on such
+issues, and proposing actions to resolve these issues. The Advisory Board
+manages the <a href="processdoc.html#GAProcess">evolution of the Process
+Document</a>. The Advisory Board hears appeals of <a href=
+"submission.html#SubmissionNo">Member Submission requests</a> that are rejected
+for reasons unrelated to Web architecture; see also the <a href=
+<p>The Advisory Board is <strong>not</strong> a board of directors and has no
+decision-making authority within W3C; its role is strictly advisory.</p>
+<p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> make available a mailing list for
+the Advisory Board to use for its communication, confidential to the Advisory
+Board and Team.</p>
+<p>The Advisory Board <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> send a summary of
+each of its meetings to the Advisory Committee and other group Chairs. The
+Advisory Board <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> also report on its
+activities at each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee meeting</a>.</p>
+<p>Details about the Advisory Board (e.g., the list of Advisory Board
+participants, mailing list information, and summaries of Advisory Board
+meetings) are available at the <a href="">Advisory
+Board home page</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-ab-home">PUB30</a>].</p>
+<h4>2.3.1 <a name="ABParticipation" id="ABParticipation">Advisory Board
+<p>The Advisory Board consists of nine elected participants and a Chair. The
+Team appoints the Chair of the <a href="#AB">Advisory Board</a>, who is
+generally the <a href="#def-W3CChair">W3C Chair</a>.</p>
+<p>The remaining nine Advisory Board participants are elected by the W3C
+Advisory Committee following the <a href="#AB-TAG-elections">AB/TAG nomination
+and election process</a>.</p>
+<p>With the exception of the Chair, the terms of all Advisory Board
+participants are for <span class="time-interval">two years</span>. Terms are
+staggered so that each year, either four or five terms expire. If an individual
+is elected to fill an incomplete term, that individual's term ends at the
+normal expiration date of that term. Regular Advisory Board terms begin on 1
+July and end on 30 June.</p>
+<h3>2.4 <a name="TAG" id="TAG">Technical Architecture Group (TAG)</a></h3>
+<p>Created in February 2001, the mission of the TAG is stewardship of the Web
+architecture. There are three aspects to this mission:</p>
+<li>to document and build consensus around principles of Web architecture and
+to interpret and clarify these principles when necessary;</li>
+<li>to resolve issues involving general Web architecture brought to the
+<li>to help coordinate cross-technology architecture developments inside and
+outside W3C.</li>
+<p>The TAG hears appeals of <a href="submission.html#SubmissionNo">Member
+Submission requests</a> that are rejected for reasons related to Web
+architecture; see also the <a href="#AB">Advisory Board</a>.</p>
+<p>The TAG's scope is limited to technical issues about Web architecture. The
+TAG <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD NOT</span> consider administrative, process,
+or organizational policy issues of W3C, which are generally addressed by the
+W3C Advisory Committee, Advisory Board, and Team. Please refer to the <a href=
+"">TAG charter</a> [<a href=
+"refs.html#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>] for more information about the
+background and scope of the TAG, and the expected qualifications of TAG
+<p>The Team <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> make available two mailing lists
+for the TAG:</p>
+<li>a public discussion (not just input) list for issues of Web architecture.
+The TAG will conduct its public business on this list.</li>
+<li>a <a href="comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a> list for discussions
+within the TAG and for requests to the TAG that, for whatever reason, cannot be
+made on the public list.</li>
+<p>The TAG <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> also request the creation of
+additional topic-specific, public mailing lists. For some TAG discussions
+(e.g., an appeal of a <a href="submission.html#SubmissionNo">rejected Member
+Submission request</a>), the TAG <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> use a list
+that will be <a href="comm.html#Member-only">Member-only</a>.</p>
+<p>The TAG <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> send a summary of each of its
+<a href="policies.html#GeneralMeetings">meetings</a> to the Advisory Committee
+and other group Chairs. The TAG <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> also report
+on its activities at each <a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee
+<p>When the TAG votes to resolve an issue, each TAG participant (whether
+appointed, elected, or the Chair) has one vote; see also the section on
+<a href="">voting in the TAG charter</a>
+[<a href="refs.html#ref-tag-charter">PUB25</a>] and the general section on
+<a href="policies.html#Votes">votes</a> in this Process Document.</p>
+<p>Details about the TAG (e.g., the list of TAG participants, mailing list
+information, and summaries of TAG meetings) are available at the <a href=
+"">TAG home page</a> [<a href=
+<h4>2.4.1 <a id="tag-participation" name="tag-participation">Technical
+Architecture Group Participation</a></h4>
+<p>The TAG consists of eight elected or appointed participants and a Chair. The
+Team appoints the Chair of the TAG, who is generally the <a href=
+<p>Three TAG participants are appointed by the Director. Appointees are
+<span class="rfc2119">NOT REQUIRED</span> to be on the W3C Team. The Director
+<span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> appoint <a href="#fellows">W3C Fellows</a> to
+the TAG.</p>
+<p>The remaining five TAG participants are elected by the W3C Advisory
+Committee following the <a href="#AB-TAG-elections">AB/TAG nomination and
+election process</a>.</p>
+<p>With the exception of the Chair, the terms of all TAG participants are for
+<span class="time-interval">two years</span>. Terms are staggered so that each
+year, either two or three elected terms, and either one or two appointed terms
+expire. If an individual is appointed or elected to fill an incomplete term,
+that individual's term ends at the normal expiration date of that term. Regular
+TAG terms begin on 1 February and end on 31 January.</p>
+<h3>2.5 <a name="AB-TAG-participation" id="AB-TAG-participation">Advisory Board
+and Technical Architecture Group Participation</a></h3>
+<p>Advisory Board and TAG participants have a special role within W3C: they are
+elected by the Membership and appointed by the Director with the expectation
+that they will use their best judgment to find the best solutions for the Web,
+not just for any particular network, technology, vendor, or user. Advisory
+Board and TAG participants are expected to participate regularly and fully.
+<a href="groups.html#good-standing">Good Standing</a> rules as defined for
+Working Group participants also apply to Advisory Board and TAG participants.
+Advisory Board and TAG participants <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> attend
+<a href="#ACMeetings">Advisory Committee meetings</a>.</p>
+<p>An individual participates on the Advisory Board or TAG from the moment the
+individual's term begins until the term ends or the seat is <a href=
+"#AB-TAG-vacated">vacated</a>. Although Advisory Board and TAG participants do
+not advocate for the commercial interests of their employers, their
+participation does carry the responsibilities associated with Member
+representation, Invited Expert status, or Team representation (as described in
+the section on the <a href="#AB-TAG-elections">AB/TAG nomination and election
+process</a>). See also the licensing obligations on TAG participants in
+<a href="">section
+3</a> of the <a href="">W3C Patent
+Policy</a> [<a href="refs.html#ref-patentpolicy">PUB33</a>], and the claim
+exclusion process of <a href=
+"">section 4</a>.</p>
+<h4>2.5.1 <a id="AB-TAG-constraints" name="AB-TAG-constraints">Advisory Board
+and Technical Architecture Group Participation Constraints</a></h4>
+<p>Given the few seats available on the Advisory Board and the TAG, and in
+order to ensure that the diversity of W3C Members is represented:</p>
+<li>A Member organization is permitted at most one participant on the TAG.</li>
+<li>A Member organization is permitted at most one participant on the AB.</li>
+<li>An individual <span class="rfc2119">MUST NOT</span> participate on both the
+TAG and the AB.</li>
+<p>If, for whatever reason, these constraints are not satisfied (e.g., because
+a TAG or AB participant changes jobs), one participant <span class=
+"rfc2119">MUST</span> cease TAG or AB participation until the situation has
+been resolved. If after <span class="time-interval">30 days</span> the
+situation has not been resolved, the Chair will declare one participant's seat
+to be vacant. When more than one individual is involved, the <a href=
+"#random">verifiable random selection procedure</a> described below will be
+used to choose one person for continued participation.</p>
+<h4>2.5.2 <a id="AB-TAG-elections" name="AB-TAG-elections">Advisory Board and
+Technical Architecture Group Elections</a></h4>
+<p>The Advisory Board and a portion of the Technical Architecture Group are
+elected by the Advisory Committee. An election begins when the Team sends a
+Call for Nominations to the Advisory Committee. Any Call for Nominations
+specifies the number of available seats, the deadline for nominations, and the
+address where nominations are sent. The Director <span class=
+"rfc2119">SHOULD</span> announce appointments no later than the start of a
+nomination period, and generally as part of the Call for Nominations.</p>
+<p>Each Member (or group of <a href="#MemberRelated">related Members</a>)
+<span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> nominate one individual. A nomination
+<span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> be made with the consent of the nominee. In
+order for an individual to be nominated as a Member representative, the
+individual <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> qualify for <a href=
+"policies.html#member-rep">Member representation</a> and the Member's Advisory
+Committee representative <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> include in the
+nomination the (same) <a href="groups.html#member-rep-info">information
+required for a Member representative in a Working Group</a>. In order for an
+individual to be nominated as an Invited Expert, the individual <span class=
+"rfc2119">MUST</span> provide the (same) <a href=
+"groups.html#inv-expert-info">information required for an Invited Expert in a
+Working Group</a> and the nominating Advisory Committee representative
+<span class="rfc2119">MUST</span> include that information in the nomination.
+In order for an individual to be nominated as a Team representative, the
+nominating Advisory Committee representative <span class="rfc2119">MUST</span>
+first secure approval from Team management. A nominee is <span class=
+"rfc2119">NOT REQUIRED</span> to be an employee of a Member organization, and
+<span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> be a <a href="#fellows">W3C Fellow</a>. Each
+nomination <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD</span> include a few informative
+paragraphs about the nominee.</p>
+<p>If, after the deadline for nominations, the number of nominees is:</p>
+<li>Equal to the number of available seats, those nominees are thereby elected.
+This situation constitutes a tie for the purposes of assigning <a href=
+"#short-term">short terms</a>.</li>
+<li>Less than the number of available seats, Calls for Nominations are issued
+until a sufficient number of people have been nominated. Those already
+nominated do not need to be renominated after a renewed call.</li>
+<li>Greater than the number of available seats, the Team issues a Call for
+Votes that includes the names of all candidates, the number of available seats,
+the deadline for votes, and the address where votes are sent.</li>
+<p>When there is a vote, each Member (or group of <a href=
+"#MemberRelated">related Members</a>) <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span> vote for
+as many candidates as there are available seats; see the section on <a href=
+"acreview.html#ACVotes">Advisory Committee votes</a>. Once the deadline for
+votes has passed, the Team announces the results to the Advisory Committee. The
+candidates with the most votes are elected to the available seats. In case of a
+tie where there are more apparent winners than available seats (e.g., three
+candidates receive 10 votes each for two seats), the <a href=
+"#random">verifiable random selection procedure</a> described below will be
+used to fill the available seats.</p>
+<p id="short-term">The shortest term is assigned to the elected individual who
+received the fewest votes, the next shortest to the elected individual who
+received the next fewest, and so on. In the case of a tie among those eligible
+for a short term, the <a href="#random">verifiable random selection
+procedure</a> described below will be used to assign the short term.</p>
+<p>Refer to <a href="">How to Organize
+an Advisory Board or TAG election</a> [<a href=
+"refs.html#ref-election-howto">MEM15</a>] for more details.</p>
+<h5> <a name="random" id="random">Verifiable Random Selection
+<p>When it is necessary to use a verifiable random selection process (e.g., in
+an AB or TAG election, to "draw straws" in case of a tie or to fill a short
+term), W3C uses the random and verifiable procedure defined in <a href=
+"">RFC 2777</a> [<a href=
+"refs.html#ref-RFC2777">RFC2777</a>]. The procedure orders an input list of
+names (listed in alphabetical order by family name unless otherwise specified)
+into a "result order."</p>
+<p>W3C applies this procedure as follows:</p>
+<li>When N people have tied for M (less than N) seats. In this case, only the
+names of the N individuals who tied are provided as input to the procedure. The
+M seats are assigned in result order.</li>
+<li>After all elected individuals have been identified, when N people are
+eligible for M (less than N) short terms. In this case, only the names of those
+N individuals are provided as input to the procedure. The short terms are
+assigned in result order.</li>
+<h4>2.5.3 <a id="AB-TAG-vacated" name="AB-TAG-vacated">Advisory Board and
+Technical Architecture Group Vacated Seats</a></h4>
+<p>An Advisory Board or TAG participant's seat is vacated when either of the
+following occurs:</p>
+<li>the participant <a href="policies.html#resignation">resigns</a>, or</li>
+<li>the Chair asks the participant to <a href=
+"policies.html#resignation">resign</a>, for example because the participant has
+failed to remain in <a href="groups.html#good-standing">Good Standing</a>.</li>
+<p>When an Advisory Board or TAG participant changes affiliations, as long as
+<a href="#AB-TAG-constraints">Advisory Board and TAG participation
+constraints</a> are respected, the individual <span class="rfc2119">MAY</span>
+continue to participate until the next regularly scheduled election for that
+group. Otherwise, the seat is vacated.</p>
+<p>Vacated seats are filled according to this schedule:</p>
+<li>When an appointed TAG seat is vacated, the Director <span class=
+"rfc2119">MAY</span> re-appoint someone immediately, but no later than the next
+regularly scheduled election.</li>
+<li>When an elected seat on either the AB or TAG is vacated, the seat is filled
+at the next regularly scheduled election for the group unless the group Chair
+requests that W3C hold an election before then (for instance, due to the
+group's workload). The group Chair <span class="rfc2119">SHOULD NOT</span>
+request an exceptional election if the next regularly scheduled election is
+fewer than three months away.</li>
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