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         or no longer available, that do not affect conformance to the
       <dt>3. Corrections that do not add new features</dt>
-      <dd>These changes <span class="rfc2119">may</span> affect conformance to
-        the Recommendation. A change that affects conformance is one that:
-        <ul>
-          <li>turns conforming data, processors, or other conforming agents into
-            non-conforming agents, or</li>
-          <li>turns non-conforming agents into conforming ones, or</li>
-          <li>clears up an ambiguity or under-specified part of the
-            specification in such a way that an agent whose conformance was once
-            unclear becomes clearly conforming or non-conforming.</li>
-        </ul>
-      </dd>
+      <dd>These changes <span class="rfc2119">may</span> be <a href="#substantive-change">substantive
+          changes</a>, but <span class="rfc2119">must not</span> introduce new
+        features to the specification.</dd>
       <dt>4. New features</dt>
     <p>The first two classes of change require no technical review of the